HOTWORX brings the sweet heat
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HOTWORX brings the sweet heat


  • Team O2 challenges you to a HOTWORX workout
  • Use the HOTWORX location finder to find your nearest studio
  • Hoo ah! Get ready to sweat out your demons, for real  

Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Core, and even Hot Buns … the list keeps going at
HOTWORX, but one thing never changes - it’s gonna make you sweat.  

HOTWORX is a hot new way to get more out of your workout in less time. Each of their hundreds of locations feature suites of infrared sauna workout rooms - you pop in, enjoy a quick virtually guided workout, and then spend the rest of your day feeling like a fire god.

Us, after our 15-minute HOTWORX HIIT session.

But, if there was ever a time to hydrate like you mean it, it’s after a workout at HOTWORX. Hoo ah! The heat and infrared energy wakes your body up and gets it working in ways you didn’t even know it could or would, and
all that excitement leaves your cells screaming for hardcore hydration. 

Hot take: we even sent our social media ninja to infiltrate her local Pompano Beach, FL, HOTWORX, and it looked like a proper spicy workout.  

It’s hard to imagine how good your body feels with a can of O2 Hydration coursing through it once you’ve sweated your way through a HOTWORX sesh. Imagine liquid magic dancing in your veins as it cools you down and replenishes essential electrolytes, leaving you feeling like a superhero sauna workout warrior.

A can of O2 after 30 minutes of this and you’re unstoppable.

The hot ticket is HOTWORX, and we’d bet a buffalo nickel there’s one near you - check the map to find your sauna sweet spot, and don’t forget to hydrate like you mean it.

LFG, you beautiful savages.