PART III: Sarah makes inventory magic
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PART III: Sarah makes inventory magic

Editor’s note: This is Part III of a blog series written by Sarah Browning, Team O2’s vice president of operations and service. In the series, she revisits her experience during O2’s first (and hopefully last) inventory emergency. 


  • Sarah squeezes some cans and introduces us to “pressure testing” 
  • She completes the O2 Hydration production run and saves the day
  • You have one week left to get $20 off at Born Primitive when you order O2 

  • When we left off in Part II, the kiddos were still snug in their beds with my mom on watch, and I was piling back into the car for another five-hour karaoke car ride to New York. 

    Voice wearing thin, I arrived at the hotel, hit the gym, and was ready to rumble for an overnight production run - and was told at the last minute we’d have to wait until tomorrow. 

    Just to keep you dialed in: we started this journey Tuesday, Sept. 5, and we’re now rolling into Tuesday, Sept. 26 - and I’ve spent 15 of those hours so far in my car, singing to myself and listening to stories about murder

    If you let your mind go there, I can tell you where you end up:

    Full-on Cage Rage.

    Needless to say, by Tuesday morning I was FIRED UP. We ran Blackberry Currant first (my favorite), sampled it, and checked the specs to ensure it met our standard. I can’t share too much, but the process can take several iterations and precious time - which can’t be rushed. 

    But, it goes like this: I approve the batch, it goes from the tank into the cans, we dose them with oxygen (top secret!), stack and wrap them in packs of 12, and then belt them over to the pallet stacker. Then, the pallets get shipped to our warehouses, and every time you buy O2 online, your order is filled right from the pallet - voila!   

    During this process, I check that each can is within our standard. I grab cans off the line, give them a squeeze for pressure testing, and test the liquid again to make sure it’s the best-tasting hydration on the planet. 

    Somebody has to squeeze these cans.

    It took four 24-hour days to produce each flavor. We finished Saturday morning before the sun was up. Talk about a sprint! 

    But, not so fast - we test the cans one last time to triple-check that our product is worthy of going into your body, because that’s a huge deal and we take it very, very seriously. 

    And, that’s it! Twenty-five trucks filled with O2 shipped out of New York Oct. 2, and who knows - maybe you’re drinking one right now. If not, don’t forget that when you order in October you’ll get a $20 Born Primitive gift voucher in the box, while supplies last:

    Thanks for following along, and letting me take you behind the scenes - we’re super proud of what we do, and we couldn’t do it without you. 

    Hydrate like you mean it!