WOOOOO! Ric Flair now has an energy drink
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WOOOOO! Ric Flair now has an energy drink


  • Ric Flair has a new energy drink - WOOOOO! Energy
  • It’s Halloween, and the WOOOOO! cordyceps content puts us in a The Last of Us kind of mood
  • Halloween is your last day to get $20 off at Born Primitive when you order O2 Hydration 

For wrestling fans of a certain age, Ric Flair is a living legend - a true demon of the ring, dripping in baby oil and dazzling opponents with a whip of his signature platinum-blonde hair. 

He’s tangled with the best, and his dance card is a who’s who of wrestling gods, from heroes like Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes to true icons like Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and more. 

But, bouncing 300-pound slabs of beef off the ropes every night for 45+ years can leave a guy thirsty, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that Flair would dare to enter a whole different kind of ring with his own drink - WOOOOO! energy drink.

WOOOOO! doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The one-and-only Nature Boy calls his drink a “sparkling mushroom elixir,” and has been described as “f*cking delicious” by Flair fans and celebrities (
aka Joe Rogan), but also “mushroom-y” and “bland” by paying customers (aka Reddit).

DISCLAIMER: the author has not tasted the product at the time of this writing, but this isn’t a product review, so don’t trip on the shroomy commentary. 

And anyway, flavor and functional efficacy may be moot points for the 74-year-old pitchman, who has already made WOOOOO! the exclusive energy drink of the Cleveland Cavaliers for the next five seasons.

Yeah, that’s right. Cavs fans are gonna be shroomin’ for five years straight. That’s a lot of WOOOOO!

Yes, WOOOOO! really has cordyceps in it - happy Halloween!

All jokes aside, Team O2 wishes WOOOOO! the best of luck. In fact, we invite Mr. Flair and you try O2 - order now and get $20 off amazing functional fitness apparel at Born Primitive. Look for a unique code in every order of O2 in October, 2023.