Meet Puori
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Meet Puori

Last week we were thrilled to welcome Puori in joining our initiative to pledge 50% of profits from online sales back to local gyms affected by Covid-19.

For a brand joining The Community Coalition to give back to local gyms, they must make products we use ourselves and be mission-driven companies, just like O2.

We wanted to give our community a chance to learn more about Puori and the team behind it, below is a brief interview we had with one of their founders, Oliver.

The team behind Puori - tell us a little about yourselves and what you did prior to launching Puori?
Puori was created in 2009 by myself, Oliver Amdrup-Chamby, and Julius Heslet.  Before Puori, I was a gym-owner, a member of the CrossFit Seminar Staff and Regional Director for CrossFit Games in Europe.  Julius was working in the bank sector but with a strong passion for health and training and we met in the CrossFit gym I founded.  Our shared passion for transparency and quality ignited many talks about health and nutrition. 

Why they launched the brand?

We discovered we both had an uncompromising desire to supplement our own active lifestyle.  

Frustratingly, we realized we were unable to find an Omega-3 fish oil that didn’t give fishy burps and could provide documentation of whether the product was clean and free from environmental toxins, so eventually we decided: “We’ll have to make it ourselves!”  

We set out to create pure, natural and superior food supplements and soon Puori was born!  The brand name ‘Puori’ simply comes from Pure Origin, a true correlation of what the brand stands for.

What are the values of Puori / what sets them apart?

In the early days, whilst developing the Omega-3 fish oil, we learned that product quality and potency truly matters, and so does third party testing. We have full transparency with our third party testing across the entire Puori product portfolio and publish the results online for anyone to see, something we’re extremely proud of. Today we have a range of supplements that have one thing in common: only pure, natural and clean ingredients are used. Alongside this, Puori has four cornerstone values to frame and encourage both customers and staff to follow a fit and healthy lifestyle the best they can by:
  1. Eating a Healthy Diet
  2. Participating in Physical Activity
  3. Ensuring adequate physical Recovery 
  4. And to create mentally Balance 

The response you’ve seen so far from coalition efforts?

Since launching the coalition campaign last week, we’ve received a tremendous response from both gym owners AND their members – they absolutely LOVE the ‘support your gym’ idea!   Within the first few hours, we could see that many gym owners had already shared their unique gym code on their own Instagram stories. Overall, the coalition campaign has been greatly received and we’re ecstatic about that.

If you're looking to support your health, and support your gym owner, head over to and use your gym's code to get 10% off and 50% of the profits from your purchase donated back to your gym. 

One last reminder: O2 is still 50% off site-wide with 50% of profits going back to gym owners when you use your gym's code.

Find your gym's code at The Community Coalition.