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Meet Rapid Recovery

An interview with Rapid Reboot's Chief Marketing Officer, Robbie Jenkins to learn more about the role of compression in recovery.

When we were planning our first giveaway of 2020, we wanted something our community would be excited about winning, but also wanted it to be focused on recovery.   

With more people working out like elite athletes, but not taking the time to recover like the pros, we want to make recovery accessible, enjoyable, and convenient. And we wanted our giveaway partner to share these values.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Rapid Reboot, leaders in compression technology, who share our mission of bringing recovery to everyday athletes.  Rapid Reboot also supports O2 athletes, Kari Pearce and Amanda Barnhart.

I had the chance to sit down with Rapid Reboot’s Chief Marketing Officer, Robbie Jenkins to learn more about the company, the role of compression in recovery, and their plans for the future!  

What exactly are compression boots and why are they such a popular recovery tool with athletes?
Compression boots are actually an FDA-regulated medical device that were actually created and used in medicine before they transitioned to sports.  Compression has long been recognized as a way to improve blood circulation and lymphatic function which accelerate healing. Accelerated healing means faster recovery, improved gains, and ultimately better performance.  Anytime you can improve circulation and lymphatic function, you’re speeding up your body’s ability to interchange nutrients and oxygen from the blood into the muscles and you’re also speeding up the flushing of any toxins.
Compression boots are also an efficient recovery modality.  When you put on the boots, for example, you can cover all the muscles from foot up to thigh, and get all that lower body blood and lymph fluid moving in a single session.  Other recovery modalities typically force you to focus on a single limb or muscle at a time.

What goes into the price of compression boots? They’re typically a premium-priced product.
Not many people realize they’re an FDA-regulated device which means a significant amount of research and documentation is required to even bring the product to market.  That and the technology required to build the device are what drive the premium price. That said, we purposefully priced the product to be more accessible than other compression brands, and we prioritized getting it on Amazon to increase that accessibility to the everyday athlete.
We know it's still a big investment, which is why we spend a lot of time at events, giving people an opportunity to try it.  These are often some of the most fulfilling moments for me personally. We’ve seen people walk away from our demos in tears because it helped resolve a long-standing injury they’ve been battling.  

What sets Rapid Reboot apart from other compression brands?
Two things, high pressures and faster cycles.  
We’ve conducted interviews with athletes who were using competitive brands and heard consistently that they wished the boots would “squeeze tighter” with more pressure.  We worked with specialists and researchers and learned that we could almost double the pressure of the leading brands, and we could do it safely and effectively. The tradeoff? Cycle time.  Because we are delivering higher pressures, the distal-to-proximal cycles of compression needs to be shorter. Ultimately this is a big win for the athlete, because they get greater compression in less time.  And we all recognize the most limited resource, especially for athletes, is time.  
We’re also working on things in 2020 that’ll make us the most technologically advanced brand in this space.

That’s a great lead to my next question!  What are you most excited about for 2020?
Alongside our popularity with the CrossFit community, we’re the official Recovery System of USA Weightlifting, so I’m excited about the Olympics in Tokyo this summer.  That’ll be happening right around the same time as the CrossFit Games, so it’ll be a fun summer for barbell fans.
We’re also working with other organizations and continue to work with more and more of some of the best athletes in the world. I can’t give away anything right now, but we have some exciting things coming. More will come out gradually. But I can say we’re not just here to sell a product. We’re here to innovate and advance our understanding of how the body recovers through the use of applied compression.

Thanks so much to Robbie for sitting down and sharing more about Rapid Reboot with our community.

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